Whole Education


“The Whole Education Network supports schools that are committed to providing an engaging, broad and balanced education for all young people to learn from each other, and push boundaries together. We believe Teaching School Alliances have a crucial role in helping to create and sustain a self-improving system. The Shireland Teaching School Alliance is committed to providing a ‘whole education’ for all young people, by improving the quality of leadership, teaching, professional learning, innovation and school to school support across the alliance.

Shireland Collegiate Academy inspire schools throughout the network with their pioneering and strategic use of technology to drive school improvement and innovative curriculum design. Their work to trial flipped learning embedded across the curriculum is a case in point. David Crossley, Executive Director, Whole Education Network comments ‘Through their experience grounded in practice, Shireland Collegiate Academy continue to impress and contribute to our learning and understanding’. They have consistently demonstrated (e.g. through their support of 130 schools across the UK in their Learning platform adoption and effective use) their ability to support others schools to successfully embed and harness technology.

We look forward to partnering with all members of the alliance to create their own self improving system and engine of innovation in the West Midlands.”

Whole Education

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