Steljes Ltd has championed the cause of technology into education – from leading brand projectors like Epson, NEC and BenQ to SMART Technology interactive products such as the SMART Interactive Whiteboard . Along the way it has formed close alliances and partnerships with key educationalists, practitioners and schools – none of which have been more valued nor trusted than Shireland. Steljes and the senior management team at Shireland have worked hard together to create a training solution for local schools that supports and enhances the use of schools’existing technology.

Key staff have been accredited to deliver certified training and timetabled sessions have been delivered regularly by Shireland staff.  We believe that teachers at Shireland are amongst the most committed in the UK and they have played their part in helping us to understand the best use and application of new products. The school is a trusted partner for trial products and new training courses.

In 2012 Steljes formalised its relationship with Shireland and awarded it the status of a certified Steljes Training Centre.  We very much look forward to working with Shireland as it takes on this new challenge of the Shireland Teaching School Alliance and hope to support its innovative work in training teachers and classroom practitioners.

Steljes Ltd.

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