Sahil Thaper, Secondary Trainee in Geography


“Coming into this process can feel quite daunting and wary. The support offered at Shireland Collegiate Academy has provided me with the confidence to excel on this course. This has been through the support, offered by both SLT and within departments. This has been worthwhile and provides the opportunity of one-to-one assistance, support and advice.

The weekly training sessions provide immense guided support through both the e-learning aspect, including interactive whiteboards and software to engage the students, as well as techniques for behaviour management and differentiation strategies that can be used within the classroom to ensure that individual lessons can be worked towards an outstanding level.

My initial thoughts were those of behaviour concerns, however, the behaviour policies, techniques and support from staff has enabled and given me the confidence to enforce my expectations clearly. This in turn has ensured that my students are fully engaged and the level of activity within lessons has increased.

This process can also feel daunting in terms of joining a new team and meeting new people that will be your colleagues. The department staff are friendly and there is much opportunity to socialise with them both inside and outside of school. This has provided links and support on a more personal level. Amongst the other Shireland trainees, I can honestly say that I have met the most amazing people from joining this process. They are all supportive of one another as well as socialising outside of school; they are both colleagues and friends.

It has been a fantastic experience,and through the highs and lows, I have enjoyed every minute of it!”

May 2014

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