RM Books


RM Books is a free ebook management platform for schools, full of electronic textbooks, reference and topic books, literature and popular fiction, available to buy or to just rent when needed. RM Books is cloud based so books can be read online on any device with a browser, even the Xbox at home, or offline via Apps on PC, Mac, Android and iOS devices.

Teachers can centrally allocate-out ebooks to students, personalising book level by the needs of individual students. This proactive mode of use transforms ebooks into an intervention tool for teachers. Short-term ebook rental is ideal for topic-based learning and now makes it affordable to provide a much richer breadth and depth of material.

Shireland’s teachers are using RM Books to support flipped learning, for a range of interventions for different student cohorts (literacy catch-up, EAL support, SEN support), as part of a novel Transition provision for new year 7 students during summer holidays, to help reach-out to families through the family literacy programme, and now as a core tool for the Shireland Teaching School Alliance.

Trainee teachers will not only learn how to use RM Books as an essential tool in and out of their lessons, RM Books will shortly include 1,000 Routledge CPD ebooks to support new teachers’ development throughout their career.

Like Shireland, schools find RM Books really engages students in reading, improves attitudes to reading and increases time spend reading.

We’re thrilled to be supporting the Shireland Teaching School Alliance. Shireland are clearly a leading UK school in the innovative use of technology to drive school improvement. And they have a track record of supporting other schools successfully embed technology to do the same. We’re delighted RM Books is one of their core tools that’s helping make a difference.”

RM Books

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