Middle Leadership Development Programmes

“The leadership and management of teaching are very effective at improving the quality of learning across the academy and this is strategically supported by an innovative use of ICT (the Learning Gateway).”

Ofsted, March 2013


Aspiring Middle Leaders Development Programme

We have developed an Aspiring Middle Leaders programme, in partnership with Whole Education.

14 staff completed the programme in 2013/14.  Two of these staff have recently been appointed to middle leadership positions, with a further three taking part in Whole Education’s middle leadership impact initiative in 2014/15.

This programme aims to give teachers who have aspirations of becoming middle leaders in the future the opportunity to be exposed to the kind of issues that they will inevitably face later in their careers.  Staff have the opportunity to learn from, and discuss issues with, senior colleagues on a range of aspects of a middle leader’s job.  Sessions include:

  • Effective observation and feedback
  • Use of data to ensure progress
  • Developing staff
  • Timetabling
  • Use of technology to support department development

During Whole Education’s recent programme accreditation visit, they commented that:

“The implicit culture of the programme is in the encouragement of trust and distributed leadership. The explicit values which shape the purpose of the programme are essentially;

  • Support staff to be the best leaders they can be
  • Affirm a rounded approach to education
  • Influence leaders to be innovative and inspiring
  • Encourage staff to drive improvement
  • Enable staff to have a significant positive impact on students”

If you would like to discuss how we can create a bespoke programme to support similar cohorts within your school, or to support individual middle leaders, please contact us for more information.

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