Living Schools Lab


“At the start of your teaching career, developing a professional learning network is critical to your future success.  Shireland Collegiate Academy recognise this and demonstrate to all staff how to build a professional learning community.

The Living Schools Lab is a two-year project funded by the European Commission to bring together Advanced Schools for technology in 12 countries to showcase, demonstrate and validate their work.  Leading teachers from Shireland Collegiate Academy, one of the first of only two UK Advanced Schools, have established a UK Hub to document how we can mainstream effective practice in the use of ICT across the school.  This project has enabled the teachers to work together to develop new learning scenarios and to explore pedagogical approaches collaboratively within the school, but also with other schools in the UK and across Europe.

One of the key elements of this work is to look at school development as a continual process, and to understand how ICT can underpin transformation in learning and teaching. Shireland have a team of staff who remain at the forefront of educational change because they are committed to maximising the learning outcomes for the students that they teach.  Ultimately, this is dependent on the commitment of staff across the school to share practice, provide support and appropriate feedback to colleagues with a continual focus on moving forward together.

The University of Wolverhampton are leading the observation and documentation of practice in this project. Working with Shireland Collegiate Academy has enabled us to showcase how UK schools can embed ICT so that it is pivotal to the professional development of successful teachers.”

Living Schools Lab

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