Karl Belham, Secondary Trainee in Science


“Prior to starting my teacher training with Shireland Collegiate Academy, I knew the workload would be high but I didn’t think there was that much for me to learn in terms of becoming a teacher. I’d seen what my own school teachers had done and since I’d had a little teaching experience recently, I figured that all I’d need to do was find a few tips and tricks and then I’d be the finished article. Unfortunately, I was only right about one of my preconceptions.

The workload is high. However, unless you regularly teach Ofsted “Outstanding” lessons, then there is probably an enormous amount you need to learn as well. But this is why I am glad I chose Shireland for my teacher training. They have provided the environment for me to develop my teaching practice.

For me, the biggest challenge was balancing all of the demands of the different elements of teacher training. Being organised and taking responsibility for your own development have been paramount. Shireland have also provided invaluable support to ensure I could meet these demands.

It has been enjoyable to work with the staff and students at the school and they are second to none. I have a multitude of memories and experiences of them both and they have truly enhanced my style of teaching.

Working with such a unique school has been the most interesting aspect. During University lessons, my Shireland experience has made me feel that I made the right choice in choosing them because the experience I have had seems beyond those from other teacher training providers. There has been so much interesting and innovative CPD that I don’t think I could have been better prepared for my career.”

May 2014

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