David Archer, Secondary Trainee in Computer Science


“My time training at Shireland Collegiate Academy provided greater experiences via a higher level of support than I had imagined possible when I started out on this journey. I have enjoyed the time thoroughly, and always felt confident thanks to the help of the staff at the Academy that I could overcome every challenge I faced.

The excitement I felt when helping a student to understand a topic that they were struggling with, and the joy of celebrating a great piece of coursework with a student, then seeing the pride on their face when they understand that they have completed something has been an overwhelmingly positive experience.

Thanks to the forward thinking approach to technology in the Academy, I was able to teach using technology that is right at the cutting edge, encouraged and supported by members of staff throughout the Academy. This opened up an exciting world to me as a new teacher, and I used the newest technology with glee to enable students to learn topics in really interesting ways.

School Direct at Shireland is not without its challenges, and can be difficult at times. However, with a little resilience and a lot of support from the other members of staff around you, you can begin a brilliantly rewarding career as a teacher here, and I highly recommend being here.”
May 2014

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