Amina Ahmed, Secondary Trainee in Mathematics


“I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the diverse range of students at Shireland Collegiate Academy which has included EAL (English as an Additional Language), SEN (Special Educational Needs) and G&T (Gifted & Talented). I have found the support that I have received from the Mathematics department invaluable. Within Shireland Collegiate Academy there is a really good support network. I have found all members of staff to be both supportive and welcoming.

Although the process itself may appear to be daunting at first, being able to share my experience with other trainees has been extremely beneficial. My experience has been very hands on and there is no chance of becoming complacent as every day is different.

Even though it has been challenging to adapt Mathematics to suit the varying capability of all students, it has enabled me to use a variety of learning strategies to engage individuals. I have thoroughly enjoyed my training at Shireland Collegiate Academy and feel privileged to have been offered an NQT post here in September!”

May 2014 

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